Minecraft 1.2.7 (Full version)

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On December 14, two weeks before the New Year, Minecraft for Android 1.2.7 update was released. The version was obviously developed to fix the bug from the 1.2.6version, so that the players can fully enjoy Minecraft Pocket Edition for the holidays.

Bug fixes in Minecraft 1.2.7 for Android

Minecraft 1.2.7 (Full version)

Performance and crush fixes in MCPE 1.2.7:

  • Fixed hang and crash of the game on Xbox One while converting big worlds.
  • Fixed a crash occurring when using a rocket, also for Xbox One.

A number of Minecraft fixes have been carried out for the android version:
  • Android players will no longer lose access to purchased content when reinstalling the game.
  • Seeds should no longer randomly change to 0 or generate in a world in which they should not exist.
  • Realm purchases are no longer blocked with the "This name is not allowed" message.
  • In version 1.2.7, players will not suffer damage while running on stairs.
  • [LT] and [RT] can now be used to change tabs in inventory when playing VR
  • Some graphics fixes: enchanted items from Minecraft will no longer flicker and will be displayed correctly all the way.

Download Minecraft 1.2.7 for Android

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Download Minecraft for Android

Download Minecraft PE 1.2.7 [73.63 Mb] (downloads: 519187)

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