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Minecraft 1.5.0 Bedrock (Full version)

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A new Minecraft 1.5.0 version for Android has been released and everyone thought it was an April 1st joke, because the developers have missed the 1.3 and 1.4 numbering. But despite this, Minecraft Bedrock has become cooler and better.

New features in Minecraft 1.5.0 for Android

  • Minecraft 1.5.0 terrains are now available on Nintendo Switch
  • Drowned have been added
  • Sea turtles have been added in Minecraft
  • Nautilus Shells have been added
  • If you feed the dolphins, they can lead you to the treasure!
  • New commands that only affect worlds with Minecraft 1.5.0 Education Edition support: / ability, / immutableworld, / worldbuilder have been added
  • The menu background in Minecraft, which will be used to update Aquatic has been modified
  • Skeletons can now walk underwater
  • The boat control when using the keyboard and mouse by pressing W to move forward, and S – back has been improved
  • Textures Kelp, Cooked Fish, Riptide spin texture have been updated in Minecraft 1.5
  • Coral blocks will no longer disappear if one side touches the water
  • Skeleton horses can be ridden underwater.

Fixes in Minecraft for Android

  • Following the tradition, game crashes have been fixed in the new Minecraft 1.5.0 version
  • Now you can place the sea turtle eggs in the inventory without in-game errors.
  • Items no longer become invisible depending on the observing player’s position.
  • The Minecraft performance has been improved for Android devices.
  • While swimming, the player will move smoothly forward, not up and down.
  • The Aquatic sound effects have been fixed.
  • In Minecraft, a number of water related issues have been fixed, its rendering looks more proper now.
  • Dropped items do not swim against the current.
  • Tridents no longer disappear when place in armor stands.
  • The visibility in the rain is the same as usual now.
  • The sound of drinking no longer plays twice when you drink a potion or milk.
  • The rule of the Mob Griefing game is now correctly converted from Console Edition to Minecraft
  • Active observers are now properly converted from Console Edition to Minecraft.
  • Fire Resistance protects players from Blaze attacks again.
  • Protective spells protect against any damage again.
  • Special characters in the player's nickname no longer cause a syntax error when attempting to teleport this player from the Host parameters tab.
  • In Minecraft 1.5.0 you need pumpkins to create an iron golem!
  • An issue regarding saved worlds that did not sync properly between Xbox One consoles has been fixed.

Fixes and novelties in Minecraft for Android

  • Standard fixes for the game crashes. Minecraft will be more stable.
  • Particles generate now when jumping into the water.
  • Wither armor texture fixed.
  • The seam lines between the cacti blocks in the City Texture Pack have been fixed in version for Android
  • The missing water texture during underwater shooting has been fixed.
  • Mobs will no longer appear on top of Redstone components in Minecraft 1.5.0.
  • The delay in the ice texture generation when using the Frost Walker enchantment has been fixed.
  • Enchanted tridents no longer flash red when entering fire.
  • Armored stands can now be destroyed by throwing tridents.
  • Zombie villagers can now attack sea turtles!

What's new in Minecraft Aquatic 1.5.0

  • In Minecraft 1.5.0 for Android, if dolphins are given raw fish or salmon, they will sail to the nearest ocean ruins or shipwreck.
  • Undead can now dive under the water and walk underwater!
  • Undead horses can be ridden underwater in version 1.5.0
  • The boat control using the keyboard and mouse (W - forward, S - back) has been modified
  • Some textures have been modified
  • The multitude of changes in Minecraft 1.5.0 Aquatic for Android affected the vermin and its actions underwater!

Bug fixes in Minecraft 1.5.0 on Android

From now on, Minecraft will crash even less frequently, as many bugs related to game crashes have been fixed. Here are a few other fixes in MCPE 1.5.0:

  • Players can ascend again in Minecraft by flying down while sailing with touch controls
  • The dolphin animation has been fixed
  • Fireworks Rockets are now in the Recipe Book in Survival Mode
  • The messaging when there are no old worlds to sync has been improved
  • Helmets that used to remain visible after being destroyed taking damage from a mob have been fixed
  • Some visual issues related to the sea grass have been fixed in MCPE for android
  • The surface of the water is visible if looked at from under a glass underwater.
  • Double doors are now displayed correctly.
  • Dark ghost stairs texture have been fixed in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.5.0 Water Update
  • Glass is correctly displayed from any angle and at any distance.
  • Now you can eat raw fish again
  • Pressing the “Default Settings” button now only affects the selected control scheme.
  • Personal game mode is now fully applied in the game settings when switching from Survival to Creative
  • Ender Dragon does not get stuck anymore if the player moves too far.
  • High birch trees will grow in mixed birch forests again
  • Mobs will no longer rotate their heads at 360 degrees when they are in Boats
  • Now there will be a controller hint when you can place blocks underwater.

Changes in Minecraft for Android

  • Pipelines can be built underwater now and they give players the effect of Power Conduit Power in MCPE
  • Blue Ice friction has been slightly reduced
  • Several crashes that used to occurr during the game in Minecraft on Android have been fixed
  • Players can no longer breathe underwater while swimming in ice blocks.
  • Breath count will no longer decrease when a player is visually above the water in Minecraft
  • The breath counter is no longer refilled after leaving and returning to the world.
  • World name changes, when originally created from a template, will be correctly updated after saving and exiting
  • Items will no longer get stuck in flowing water sources.
  • The flight speed remains constant while descending
  • Cracks cannot be destroyed by explosions.
  • The “Login” button will now disappear from the main menu after logging in
  • Using the '/ spreadplayers' command will no longer set items or players with y = 255

Novelties in Minecraft for Android

In this Minecraft update, developers implemented an entire ocean of new features that complement the large Aquatic update. All of them will soon be included in the 1.5.0 final release, but the developer wants to get feedback from players at an early stage of development for a more effective result. The current list of add-ons in

  • Bubble columns (elaboration in progress)
  • Sea Turtles
  • Sea turtle eggs
  • Scutes and turtle shells
  • Master turtle potion

Changes in Minecraft for android:

  • A fresh new menu and its background in Update Aquatic in MCPE
  • Coral blocks will no longer collapse if touching the water with one of their sides.
  • The textures of the seaweed kelp’s top has been updated.
  • The texture of boiled fish has been modified
  • In the underwater world, the visibility range has been reduced from 70 units to 60 by default, and the parameter itself can be changed in the video settings.
  • Minecraft 1.5.0 crashes on Android have been fixed, as usual
  • The video performance while displaying an Ender Dragon attack has been improved.
  • The guardians and the Ender guardians no longer get stuck
  • The player’s spawn area, inventory and location is no longer saved after removing the resource pack
  • Textures of tropical fish are displayed correctly now in Minecraft for Android.
  • Treasure coordinates are now displayed correctly when using the / locate command.
  • The behavior of the water flow while flowing past caves and ravines has been fixed
  • Using the 'Repeat' and 'Always Active' commands, you can now change command blocks
  • Redstone, Torch and Redstone Torch can no longer be installed on a sea glass unit under water
  • The trident damage on multiple targets during a single attack has been fixed
  • Boat riders will get damage if falling from a great height in Minecraft
  • Now it’s much easier to attack mobs while swimming.

Download Minecraft 1.5.0 for Android (Update Aquatic)

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