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Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.4.0 for Android (Full version)

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Initially, it was rumored that version 1.3 would be released, but it seems that it is not meant to enter the world. Therefore everyone can download Minecraft 1.4 for Android now. The new version has a rather extensive water-related update, but there is also a large list of fixes and improvements.

Novelties in Minecraft for Android

  • Water has a completely new appearance and increased visibility for players located underwater in Minecraft 1.4.0
  • Dolphins have been added
  • Tropical fish have been added
  • Cod, salmon and pufferfish have been added
  • New oceanic biomes are available in the new Minecraft version
  • Shipwrecks have been added
  • Ocean ravines and caves have been added. Hurry to explore them in MCPE
  • Icebergs have been added
  • Underwater ruins
  • Coral reefs
  • Lost treasures and treasure maps are available in the version
  • Stream animation has been added in Minecraft 1.4
  • The trident has new enchantments: channeling, trust, riptide and impaling
  • Water behavior has been changed in Minecraft 1.4 for Android: A water source unit can be placed inside most non-solid blocks; water flows will not flow into non-continuous blocks; blocks can be placed above the water without forming air pockets
  • Several types of algae have been added
  • Corals and coral blocks have been added
  • Now there are blue ice blocks!
  • A new type of wood has been added
  • Minecraft now has prismarine ladders and slabs.
  • A few new achievements (Atlantis (20G), Ahoy! (20G), Castaway (20G), I'm Golden! (30G), Alternative fuel (20G), Sail 7 seas (40G), Sleep with fish (30G), I am a marine biologist (20G)) have been added.
  • An inventory section has been added to the Store in order to manage all the purchased content.
  • Sorting and filtering have been added to the Store
  • In Minecraft: Education Edition the chemistry features can now be turned on in the “Codes” section! To learn how to get started, check out the Chemistry Lab Journal.
  • When using the spell_effects component, entities will now get a certain effect.
  • Updated templates for Minecraft 1.4.0

Experimental Gameplay in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Several addons from Update Aquatic have been added to the Experimental Gameplay. The developers remind that this is not yet the final version and the experimental gameplay is not ready, but it is available for testing in Minecraft 1.4 for android. You can enable it in the “World Settings” game settings. Since this mode can break your world, it will be automatically saved. Drowned mobs and pearls have been added to the new gameplay.

Bug fixes in Minecraft for Android

First of all, it is worth noting the great work carried out in relation with the game crashes. Their number is much smaller, therefore Minecraft 1.4.0 for Android is much more stable now. The performance has been improved and the loading in the Skin Picker and when using resource packs has been accelerated. Many gameplay, graphics, user interface, and commands bugs have also been fixed. The full list of fixes will be added after the release of the latest 1.4 version.

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