Minecraft 1.8.0 (Full version)

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Traditionally, the new version of Minecraft 1.8 took everyone by surprise: Minecraft 1.7 was barely released, when a next beta had already been created. In Minecraft we have added really new and interesting things, such as spawn pandas, cats, modified game rules and so on.

Novelties in Minecraft 1.8 for Android

The novelties in this version refer to mobs, mods and a new block has appeared:
  • Ocelot is no longer subject to destruction.
  • In Minecraft 1.8.0, you can win the ocelot’s trust if you feed it.
  • There is a a new Scaffolding block, which can be created with the help of bamboo!
  • Now you can create your mobs with your own animations, particles and of course a model in Minecraft 1.8.0.
  • Changed the size of the tropical fish.Now they are bigger.
  • In Minecraft PE 1.8.0, the loading screen is now animated.
  • The store has more skins. Now each skin can be viewed on a separate page.

And a little bit about mobs:

Pandas and Bamboo in Minecraft 1.8.0

Since we had no new mobs for quite a while, the developers decided to fix this in version and added pandas that live in the jungle. Actually it is there that they are going to spawn - so let’s look for them! Obviously, in Minecraft PE 1.8, we will meet both nice and aggressive pandas. Bamboo for the pandas can be found in chests and in the jungle. We hope they can be tamed by using bamboo.

Cats in Minecraft 1.8.0

Cat mobs spawn in villages, where you can probably find them while testing Minecraft for Android. Note that they can be tamed by using fish! Also, the cats got a new ability: they can scare away ghosts. The ghosts will not be able to attack if there are cats nearby.

New game commands in Minecraft 1.8 for Android

These commands can now be used without cheating, and this will allow maintaining your achievements in Minecraft:
  • / gamerule showcoordinates
  • / gamerule dofiretick
  • / gamerule tntexplodes
  • / gamerule domobloot
  • / gamerule naturalregeneration
  • / gamerule dotiledrops
  • / gamerule pvp

And added randomTickSpeed.

Bug fixes and other fixes in Minecraft for Android

In Minecraft 1.8, the starting point is the correction of the game crushes. Moreover, the developers stated that they have fixed more than 50 bugs, or possibly a lot more:
  • Fixed Minecraft crash occurring while using lava buckets for fish.
  • Fixed a bug regards killing the players from Realm with a Blaze fireball.
  • Planted crops will no longer pass other blocks.
  • In Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.8, the developers made the tamed wolves bow their heads at the sight of meat in a player's hands.
  • When signs break, different types of trees will no longer be displayed.
  • In the Creative and Tile Drops game modes, blocks will be dropped during an explosion.
  • When boarding a boat, the player’s direction will remain the same!
  • Fixed the display of water within the barrier units.
  • In Minecraft 1.8.0 for Android, the appearance of black blocks during a horse ride has been fixed.
  • Corrected the ability of the players to see through solid blocks during swimming.
  • Fixed a bug with the help of which you could duplicate the rails.
  • Many fixes related to the achievements have been carried out.
  • Improved download speed of the game files.
  • Completely corrected the position of the player while he / she is in the boat, including while he / she uses a bow.
  • In Minecraft 1.8, the Schulker Box containing buckets for tropical fish no longer causes any lags.

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