Minecraft PE (Beta version)

Minecraft PE (Beta version)

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The new beta version of Minecraft 1.8 has updated the behavior of pandas. Minecraft on android now has aggressive pandas that have their own characteristics: aggressive pandas protect other pandas. An aggressive panda skin has been added. Now all pandas bite once while attacking in Minecraft

Bug fixes in Minecraft for Android

Minecraft PE (Beta version)

Minecraft crashes when switching on a multiplayer mode, as well as other failures that caused game errors have been fixed. Other fixes:
  • The player's hand always moves with correct speed.
  • In Minecraft, the use of forests near the water and in the water is now correct.
  • The flight control on mobile devices on Android now works correctly after going up on scaffoldings.
  • The color of the horses that blinked like a rainbow has been fixed in MCPE
  • Minecraft performance has been fixed.
  • In the version, pressing the “Back” button in the “Turn off advancements” window no longer changes the game mode.
  • After restarting the MCPE world, pandas no longer remain in a sitting position.
  • Endermen do not have a missing jaw when attacking anymore.
  • Marketplace search results are now more valid.
  • In Minecraft, the recipe for crafting painted beds is now correct.
  • A fix for stopping the player’s random rotation has been carried out.

Download Minecraft for Android

Download Minecraft for Android
Download Minecraft for Android [84.42 Mb] (downloads: 98781)

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