Minecraft PE (Beta version)

Minecraft PE (Beta version)

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The players made a great job by finding a couple of dozen bugs in Minecraft 1.8. As a result of which, the developers had to fix them and release the version. In this update of the the beta version nothing new has been added. Only the critical errors from Minecraft 1.8.0 have been fixed.

Bug fixes and corrections in Minecraft for Android

  • A Minecraft crash occuring when trying to make a purchase in the marketplace has been fixed.
  • The user interface has been fixed a bit.
  • The display of the pack textures have been fixed in Minecraft
  • The game performance for the low memory devices has been improved.
  • Tamed cats have been fixed.
  • Fire particles no longer generate on the dead monsters.
  • The use of filters in the marketplace is improved.
  • Ocelot's legs no longer levitate in Minecraft for Android.
  • Sheep move their heads correctly when they look at a player.
  • Now the pandas quickly return to normal mode after following the player who holds a bamboo.
  • In MCPE the icons in the marketplace have been fixed.
  • In Minecraft 1.8, graphical problems are no longer foreseen when resuming the game.
  • The images have been improved for some devices.
  • In the "Elf Islands Heroes World pack", the texture of the witch has been fixed.
  • You can now use the / gamerules command with Operator rights.
  • Llamas will no longer rotate.
  • The geometry of the Ocelots has been fixed.
  • The height of landing mobs on other mobs has been fixed.

Download Minecraft for Android

Download Minecraft for Android
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