Minecraft PE (Beta version)

Minecraft PE (Beta version)

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No Minecraft update can do without bug fixes, that’s for sure. Minecraft for Android introduced a number of fixes again: fixes that led to critical errors, crashes and simply constrained the ability to play.

Bug fixes in Minecraft for Android

Minecraft PE (Beta version)

We remind you that despite the fixes in the, it is still a beta. Because the access to Realm is unavailable, it is available only on Xbox One, Windows10, Android and the developers do not promise a stable work of the Minecraft. What exactly has been corrected?
  • The Minecraft 1.8 crash occurring when selecting a banner in multiplayer has been fixed.
  • All kinds of game crashes that have been noticed by the players have been corrected as best as possible.
  • The game crash occurring when resetting an item has been fixed.
  • Now the game can be minimized and maximized – Minecraft will not crash because of this.
  • Minecraft PE on Android will no longer hang when resuming the game.
  • The elements will no longer duplicate in the crafting grid when restarting the world.
  • When chopping down bamboo trees in MCPE, you can now pick them up in your inventory!
  • The mob spawners create them again now.
  • Skins should now load properly if you have stable Internet.
  • The display of the Minecraft marketplace has been optimized.
  • The animation of the walking skeleton has been fixed.
  • The textures of the guards have been corrected.
  • In the version, the salmon has a tail again.
  • Ocelots have been slightly fixed!
  • And the animation of the chicken’s wings has been fixed.

Generally speaking, the update is not bad and you can download Minecraft for Android as soon as possible.

Download Minecraft for Android

Download Minecraft for Android
Download Minecraft for Android [84.54 Mb] (downloads: 481158)

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