Minecraft 1.9.0 (Full version)

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In the new version of Minecraft for Android, we will see added pillagers, added bamboo generation in the jungles, and also new flowers. You will also see a huge list of fixes. Unfortunately, there are no added animals in Minecraft 1.9.0, but perhaps they will be added later!

Adds in Minecraft 1.9 for Android

In addition to the pillager and the bamboo, the developers decided to please all the Minecraft fans with other novelties:
  • Added new flowers: Lily of the Valley and Cornflower.
  • Added new signs: spruce, birch, jungle, acacia and oak.
  • Added new walls, slabs and stairs: stone, brick, granite, diorite, polished, andesite, brick, etc. and more than ten variations of walls and stairs for Minecraft
  • Added a new rule / game rule called showDeathMessages in Minecraft for Android, which allows players choosing whether they want a message telling them about a player’s or tamed mob’s death in the chat.
  • Also added an instant respawn command.

Changes in Minecraft 1.9.0 for Android

On the loading screen, we have added a couple of new tips and several tips suggested by the Minecraft community. Now, if a tamed animal dies in ICPA, a notification pops up in the chat. Also work for improving the performance of Minecraft PE when using global commands was carried out.

Fixed bugs in Minecraft for Android

The bugs from the previous version have been collected and most of them have been fixed in Minecraft 1.9:
  • Slightly stabilized the game on most devices, so now it should crush less often.
  • Updated message about the lack of disk space.
  • When changing resource packs in Minecraft 1.9.0, the correct textures are now displayed if the items are saved.
  • Slightly corrected the touch control, so that the player will no longer get stuck underwater and face similar bugs in MCPE 1.9.0.
  • Pandas are now displayed correctly!
  • Fixed random crossbow shots.
  • Added a new notification for the worlds without templates, which suggests reloading the corresponding template from the store if necessary.
  • Improved interaction with the text. Now it can be selected by using the keyboard and the mouse.
  • Many fixes in Minecraft regarding the user notification about errors and similar issues.
  • Improved navigation in the marketplace.
  • When connecting to the world, the clock and compass now load properly.

Video about Minecraft 1.9.0

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