Minecraft (Beta version)

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An update of the Minecraft for Android experimental gameplay has been released. The Realm will be unavailable during the experimental gameplay and the final version 1.9 may differ from

New blocks in Minecraft for Android

  • Cartography table has been added.
  • Fletching table.
  • Grindstone has been added in Minecraft PE
  • Bell.

  • Barrel.
  • Lamp.
  • Furnace.
  • A number of blocks for smoking.

New features of Minecraft for Android

The beta version added a couple of features that will improve the Minecraft gameplay:
  • Lava can now be collected in cauldrons.
  • New custom tags that can be applied to players and objects in MCPE have been added.
  • A "has_tag" filter in the components that allows checking whether an item has the specified tag has been added.
  • Autocomplete for tags has been implemented.
  • The number of commands launched through functions in Minecraft on Android can be limited by a new game rule (10k by default) for limiting the performance.
  • New feedback button in the pause menu - you can go to the Minecraft, MoJira and support for Mojang websites.
  • The "Play" button is now displayed in the game settings menu.
  • The text color in Minecraft has been changed to black.
  • Now players having a slight difference in their Minecraft versions you can play in the same world.

Bug fixes in Minecraft

Fixing bugs in Minecraft has already become a tradition and an indicator of the game’s quality:
  • The Schulker box has been fixed.

  • The display of items in the Minecraft servers has been fixed
  • The head size of the baby Zombies has been fixed.
  • Many game crashes occurring because of various in-game actions have been fixed.
  • The error message has been corrected.
  • Snow Golem’s position of the hands has been fixed.
  • Pandas stop eating when they are burning.
  • Enderman now launches a shrill cry in MCPE
  • The membrane now drops correctly from the phantoms after their death.
  • When passing through scaffolding, the automatic jump is being triggered now.
  • In the version on Android even more blocks can be placed on the scaffolding now.
  • Horizontal running water will no longer turn into bubble columns over the soulsand.
  • Minecraft 1.9.0 crash occurring when resuming the game has been fixed.
  • Fixed a possible crash of the game in case of fast entering / exit from Xbox Live.
  • When pillagers charge their crossbows, animation and sounds can now be heard and seen.
  • When using the "/ say" command, special characters are now displayed correctly.
  • The control using touch elements has been fixed.
  • In Minecraft the particles made by witches are now purple, not black
  • Mobs on boats no longer tremble when they try to turn and look at the player.
  • Air bubbles no longer spread above the water.
  • Changing the game mode and restarting Minecraft 1.9.0 does not remove the resource packs anymore.

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Download Minecraft for Android
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