Minecraft (Beta version)

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We remind you that a number of functions are not available for the experimental gameplay in Minecraft on all platforms. Moreover, Minecraft beta version may be unstable, even though the game bugs and crashes have been fixed in the update.

Bug fixes in Minecraft for Android

And of course, what exactly has been fixed:
  • Tamed llamas no longer turn into bioluminescent creatures when their inventory is open.
  • Improved stability of Minecraft for Android.
  • The bug because of which the items from the hands occasionally looked white has been removed.
  • The bug in regards to the teleportation into the boat, if a minecraft player walks near the water has been fixed.
  • Now, when Minecraft is being stopped and resumed, its logo is visible again.
  • In Minecraft PE players will no longer generate in the air when loading the world.
  • The blocks from the inventory use textures set in blocks.json.
  • Optimized communication between the client and the Minecraft server.

Download Minecraft for Android

Download Minecraft for Android (Beta Version)
Download Minecraft for Android [85.58 Mb] (downloads: 2075017)

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