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The Minecraft beta version for Android was released on January 10, 2019! As always, the beta version has its limitations, which are worth learning from the official website.

Fixes in Minecraft for Android

A little bit about what has been fixed, except for the standard Minecraft crashes:
  • In Minecraft, dinosaurs can now attack players in the Dinosaur Island map.
  • Smoothing textures have been improved.
  • Archers now raise their weapons correctly in the "A Nightmare in Candyworld".

  • A bug that led to the loss of items, if the player's inventory in Minecraft 1.9.0 is full has been fixed.
  • Downloading the content of the marketplace works smoothly again.
  • In Minecraft for Android, the signs are now showing their texts correctly in the "Infinity Plumber" map.
  • Pandas are even better now and are able to hold food properly during their meals.
  • Players will be able again to connect to games in which multiplayer mode was previously disabled.
  • The position of the Pigmen’s hands in the Mutant Battle Arena for Minecraft has been fixed.
  • Minecraft for android will not crash anymore when loading worlds.
  • Taiga biomes are now generated correctly.
  • Sheep and cats no longer seem black after spawning.
  • The Maine crash after exiting the settings has been fixed.
  • Schulkers do not turn black when attacking players.

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