Minecraft 1.10 (Full version)

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The first beta version of Minecraft was released on January 30, 2019. The release of Minecraft for Android took place on March 19, 2019. The list of new features and abilities is simply impressing; it has been long since there were such major updates! new mobs, features and functions have been added in Minecraft 1.10.0.

What's new in Minecraft 1.10

Bushes with sweet berries which can be found in the Minecraft Taiga have been added. Also, the outposts will now generate near the villages. And the villages themselves will change their appearance!

Wandering Trader

The Wandering Trader in Minecraft is a village mob that will periodically appear at the village's gathering site and will remain for 2-3 game days. The trader offers items from a wide variety of biomes and made of random materials.
The Wandering Trader will appear with a llama!

Illager beast in Minecraft 1.10.0

A new base mob was added: the Illager Beast. The following updates will contain more information about it.

Minecraft 1.10.0 new blocks

In version, several new blocks have been added. So far they can already be used, but new functionality will still be added:

  • New composter unit
  • Stone carving unit.
  • Block of fire!
  • New smoke blocks.

New crafting recipes in 1.10.0

Added crafting recipes for the following blocks:

  • Grindstone
  • Smoker
  • Furnace
  • Cartography table
  • Blacksmith table
  • Lamp
  • Barrel
  • Composter

New behavior of the villagers in Minecraft PE

Improved both the graphic and the intellectual component for the villagers in Minecraft 1.10.0 on Android:

  • Implemented several new behaviors in the villagers' schedule.
  • The sleeping villagers are now more interesting.
  • The villagers can now wander to the village outskirts.
  • The village residents will try to find shelter if there is rain during the day, and will look for their bed during nighttime.
  • Improved path finding.
  • Villagers now have a visual trading system and will hold the items they want to trade.
  • Villagers have new clothing that indicates their level, profession and biome in Minecraft.
  • Librarians will inspect the bookshelves.

Added Masons and green-coated villagers in Minecraft 1.10.0.

New features and abilities of Minecraft 1.10.0

  • Shields: activated when sneaking up.
  • You can place a book and a pen on the Minecraft lectern and this will allow other players to read it, but they will not be able to edit it.
  • Banner patterns can be created using the new Loom block.
  • Added new wooden and bark blocks for MCPE.
  • Players without scripting enabled now see a corresponding message if they try to join an incompatible server that has an enabled script.

Also, a great work was done on processing the animation of Minecraft in order to significantly speed it up and reduce the future number of bugs. Many existing mobs and items have been modified. In order to speed up the work of the scripts and reduce their weight, big changes have been done.

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