Minecraft (Beta version)

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Download the new Minecraft for Android beta version for free. Minecraft for Android update: list of changes and bug fixes.

Bug fixes in Minecraft

  • Fixed a crash occuring while spawning near new villages on mobile devices, including in Minecraft on Android.
  • Hills are generating in birch forests now.
  • In the, the board works correctly for the items that have names.
  • Extra spaces from scripts documentation have been removed. Due to this, it is easier to copy and paste scripts in Minecraft
  • The script documentation has been updated in order to show the best way of using the initialize () function.
  • The createEntity () documentation shows the created entity type and id.
  • Now documentation for the manifest file is available.
  • A scripting crash that could occur when using SpawnParticleInWorld events have been fixed.
  • The incorrect results for hasComponent on some entity components have been fixed in Minecraft
  • A bug due to which the landscape often did not adapt to the generated structures in the Villages, causing floating platforms has been fixed.
  • A bug due to which excessive blocks of dirt could be generated inside village structures has been fixed.
  • Minecraft crashes have been fixed.
  • The Ender dragon is no longer invisible.
  • The custom items can now be used with the argument command [type =].
  • Minecraft players can no longer resurrect with shields in their hands.
  • When blocking a blow with a shield, it shakes.
  • When attacking, the Endermen now looks properly in MCPE
  • Fixed a bug that prevented items from being created from the recipe book when switching the “All items” option.
  • Now the Minecraft game is loading on all devices.

Download Minecraft for Android

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Download Minecraft for Android (Beta version)
Download Minecraft for Android [87.22 Mb] (downloads: 190415)

Download Minecraft for Android (Beta version) with mod
Download Minecraft for Android with mod [87.33 Mb] (downloads: 113209)

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