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The Minecraft update has improved performance when opening inventory. The developers promise that this is not the final line, and in future updates of Minecraft for Android, the work speed will continue to be optimized. Also in version, the game crashes have been fixed: when using crafting in creative mode, when pandas sneeze, when the game is suspended on Gear VR, when saving and exiting, when viewing skins and other Minecraft Bedrock Edition crashes.

Fixes in Minecraft for Android

Traditionally, in every new version of Minecraft there is a big list of bug fixes and simple gameplay, mobs, blocks, textures, graphics and interface fixes:

  • Now the text-to –speech works in MCPE even if a lot of punctuation marks are used.
  • The option "Allow players to talk to me" now works correctly.

  • Updated text in pop-ups.
  • A lot of fixes for the "text-to-speech" function. Now it does not work randomly and its use has become more hnady.
  • Fixed saving worlds. Now they will not disappear in Minecraft PE
  • When leaving and returning to the world during a raid, the Boss does not disappear and you can still get the hero of the village title.
  • Fixed access of the villagers to the entire territory.
  • Skeletons horses have been fixed in Minecraft PE.
  • The created items are now correctly added to the inventory.
  • The clouds became 100% fluffy again.

  • Animation on the screen is no longer played for all the mob effects.

Beside these, there are more fixes in version

Download Minecraft for Android

In addition, there were other fixes, but you would better download the game and see for yourself!

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