Minecraft (Beta version)

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The development of Minecraft Bedrock does not stand still and now you can download Minecraft with new fixes in the beta version, which will further appear in the final version, available to everyone.

Fixes in Minecraft for Android

The main thing that the new version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition boasts is a large list of fixed elements that relate to various gameplay aspects. Among improvements, we have only three points:

  1. The button leading to the Store has been renamed and is now called “Market”.
  2. The spawn_rules command, which was previously decided to be eliminated, was returned to the parameter list.
  3. The parameters now comprise JSON files.

Download Minecraft (beta version) for Android free apk

All fixes aim to make the game more stable and eliminate the issues found by testers from around the world. In terms of performance, the developers have carried out the following:

  • Bugs that used to slow the game or even lead to crashes have been fixed
  • In Minecraft, downloading worlds using the store takes place without errors now
  • Rendering villages and residents is more quick now
  • The work of the mobile engine, which saves the phone's RAM on Android has been optimized.

Download Minecraft (beta version) for Android free apk

Important edits, without which everything did not work correctly, have been made for the gameplay:

  • The models used to have turning arms and legs, which looked terrible. Now this should not happen anymore
  • An issue regarding the achievement of Haggler, which could not be obtained correctly, has been fixed
  • The interaction of traders with the items has been fixed in Minecraft for Android
  • The display of tridents and shields, which previously could not be displayed during prolonged withholding, has been reworked.
  • A bug related to the fact that players could see through blocks in situations where they used to leave the boat and brake them has been fixed.

Download Minecraft (beta version) for Android free apk

Mobs have also been subjected to several important changes in their functioning:

  • The tamed cats texture has been restored
  • Stray cats no longer jump on beds
  • During attacks, witches no longer jump.
  • The display of some skins from the Minecraft store has been fixed
  • The ghast’s appearance, which for some reason had wrong proportions, has been modified.
  • Zombies and Husks are even stronger now. Now they can destroy the houses of the villagers and players more effectively
  • Detected errors related to the interaction with the Wandering Trader have been fixed.
  • Additional number of arrows that can be purchased from archers.
  • The cost of the Trader’s saddle has been reduced almost twice.

Download Minecraft (beta version) for Android free apk

There are more interesting changes, but all of them can be seen only by the players who have decided to test the new Minecraft 1.12.0 beta version. Moreover, you have a good opportunity to become one of the first players to check out the cool game novelties, but in doing so you will still have to face likely optimization problems and glitches during your gameplay. If you are ready to handle such difficulties, then you may download the new Minecraft Bedrock Edition to be up on current events.

Download Minecraft for (Android)

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