Minecraft (beta version)

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Just a little bit and will Minecraft 1.12.0 for android, and now we meet the beta version of Minecraft! A few fixes affected performance, mobs and gameplay:

Fixes in Minecraft for Android

Minecraft (Бета версия)  

  • Improved FPS performance for various particles in Minecraft
  • Enderman's teleportation particles no longer cause the FPS to drop permanently, especially during battles.
  • Fixed a few more problems due to which the player's skin in Minecraft 1.12 returned to the standard one if the network connection changed.
  • The skins from the “Recently Used” section are now correctly applied for selection.
  • Minecoin offers now display the correct number of coins indicated in the offer.
  • Villagers in zombie villages V2 now have the correct name in the death messages instead of the placeholder name in MCPE
  • Command selectors in Minecraft on Android returned to a resolution in less than 0.5 ms, not 4 + ms
  • `villager_v2` again works in selectors and is aimed at both the villagers and residents v2

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