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Everyone has been waiting for the release of Minecraft 1.13, and on August 27, 2019, the Minecraft update for Android was released. The update is really impressive, it not only fixed the bugs of previous beta versions, but also added some new features!

Innovations and changes in Minecraft on Android

  • Added roses of draining!
  • Suspicious stew (soup) was added.
  • Players in Minecraft can now place frames on the top or bottom of the block.
  • Added a new mushroom: brown.
  • In the new beta version, abandoned villages appeared.
  • Light blocks for the cartographer were added: light levels from 0 to 15 are available, for which you can use the /give, /fill and /setblock commands.
  • Game credits have been added to Minecraft, you can see them after defeating Ender Dragon or in the game menu.
  • Added new sounds for blocks.
  • In the update, squid will be able to appear in the rivers in Minecraft
  • Extinct coral plants have appeared.
  • Villagers can now heal if they have bread in their inventory.
  • In we added a section “How to play” for structural blocks.

Fixes and fixes in Minecraft for Android

Minecraft version has a very comprehensive list of changes and mainly they concern just those players who play on Android devices (phones and tablets):

  • Minecraft no longer freezes after loading the world. Also, optimization of the download speed of the worlds was carried out.
  • Fixed crash when trying to create certain potions.
  • Fixed the light.
  • The game will no longer crash on earlier versions of Android.
  • Minecraft crash when a player tries to join by invitation is fixed.
  • Now you can change the storage location of the files.
  • Fixed crash of Minecraft with low memory.
  • Also fixed other unexpected departures of MCPE.
  • “They attacked us!” and the achievements “I have a bad feeling about it” can now be unlocked.
  • When in version you delete the global resource package, it now removes itself from the active stack.
  • Fixed a bug due to which many small and empty villages were created when trying to expand an existing village.
  • Updated information about cats in the "How to Play" section.

Gameplay fixes in Minecraft

The updated Minecraft gameplay contains even fewer bugs, because 43 fixes were immediately announced by the developers in the new version. Among these edits there are a lot of very important ones that directly affect the comfort of staying in the game:

  • Fire Swords no longer set players on fire in creatives
  • Fixed teleportation of players to transparent and translucent blocks when using Chorus Fruit
  • When killing Endermen who held Red Sand, normal Sand will no longer drop out.
  • Fixed freezing of players on the spot in those cases when they sneaked up on shulkers or in boats
  • After killing Cod, Salmon, Tropical Fish, and Pufferfish, experience will now normally fall out
  • Corrected the display of rowing on a boat
  • Lightning frequency reduced
  • Fixed the fishing rod
  • The lightning from the trident now hits a certain area, and not just at a specific point
  • Now the player stops rowing when viewing the inventory when in the boat
  • Arrows are now able to destroy armor
  • Fixed display of flowers in pots when they became invisible
  • Fixes of the sound and milk and potions in Minecraft
  • Mobs correctly drop armor
  • All explosions except TNT now deal damage in water.
  • In creative, you can now collect parrots with a pickblock
  • In the recipe book you can find recipes for creating buttons
  • Fixed player behavior when exiting water
  • Water will no longer break portals and gateways during dispensing from a dispenser
  • Pillagers will now appear more often around their outposts
  • Fixed placement and destruction of blocks while a player is in a boat
  • Corrected the display of the map and markers on it while in the boat
  • Improved map display speed

Fixes of mobs in Minecraft

A lot of changes have affected gaming mobs. Made 17 significant fixes that are designed to improve the behavior of creatures in Minecraft and here are some of them:

  • During thunderstorms, foxes will now hide and sleep
  • Mobs will no longer slow while moving over blocks on ice
  • The Wither will no longer run away from the player during the spawn
  • Worked out a faster animation of Phantom wing flaps in Minecraft
  • Endermen fixed invisibility effect
  • Parrots can finally fly over fences and walls
  • Mobs that are on the slabs will no longer be immune to light after restarting the world
  • Witches will no longer appear in high gaps
  • If cured Zombie Villagers, they retain their level of trading skill
  • Zombies in MCPE will no longer be stuck in the doorway
  • Fixed animation of the parrot dance

Block and item fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

  • Barrier blocks no longer stop grass growth
  • Farmland blocks now block grass growth below them
  • Changed turtle egg icon
  • Fixed Trapdoor icon in inventory
  • Six-sided wood block can now be used as fuel in stoves
  • The Grass Path block no longer disappears from inventory
  • The animation of the blocks broken above the water is changed - when they get into the water they generate air bubbles
  • Damaged Elytra now have their own textures
  • In the recipe book, a bug was fixed as a result of which some items were not displayed
  • Cooked items on the campfire now stack properly

Graphics fixes

A very important component of a pleasant game is undoubtedly the graphics. After all, its smoothness and the presence of colorful textures pleases the eye and allows you to spend time in your favorite game. This is what the developers thought and added some more important fixes to the visual component of Minecraft

  • Fixed paper doll animation problem during game restart
  • During sleep, the player’s model does not disappear
  • Improved stonecutter texture
  • Fixed the animation of the shield block with a third-person view
  • Fixed an issue where iron bars lost texture while being near other bars
  • Player sneaking animation made smoother
  • When the player sleeps in bed, the screen turns black
  • Ender Dragon death animation improved

Interface fixes

There were problems in the user interface too, and some of them were fixed:

  • Fixed the issue of displaying tips for potions
  • Corrected keyboard commands
  • Corrected the position of additional indicators after sleep in virtual reality mode
  • On smartphones fixed the display of the inscription "Open chat"
  • The creative fixed the error displaying flight control during sleep

Team fixes

  • Pistons with values 6 and 7 can no longer be placed using slash commands
  • Using the /clear @p item command now correctly clears extra values
  • You can no longer use the /spawnpoint command in the Nether dimension
  • Corrected the correctness of the /replaceitem command in relation to barrels
  • Corrected the correctness of the /clear command with damaged items
  • After running the /clear command, information on the number of deleted items will now be correctly displayed.
  • Using the /clear command removes the carpet correctly

Fixes for add-ons, scripts and map creation for Minecraft

  • Fixed death cancellation triggers when leaving the world with the death screen
  • Fixed component minecraft: scale, which worked incorrectly on some models
  • Running the tick_world component now correctly removes selected areas
  • Fixed damage system from non-magic items
  • Fixed Behaviour Pack animations for Minecraft
  • Fixed player entity components that were not added
  • Improved compatibility of maps from Marketplace

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