Minecraft (Beta version)

Minecraft (Beta version)

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The main innovation in Minecraft for android is the creation of characters, this feature will be in version 1.13! In it you can:

  • Personalize your avatar in Minecraft using the size, shape, customize the eyes, mouth, hairstyle, color and shade of hair on the face and skin.
  • About hundreds of items in Minecraft will be available for free, and you can also buy accessories created by the Minecraft team.
  • In addition to beta version, character creation will be available on other devices and versions: Minecraft Earth, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Android.

And of course, there is still a skin import function for Minecraft!

Fixes in Minecraft

  • Minecraft crash related to EvocationFang animation fixed.
  • Fixed a crash when losing an Internet connection while downloading a texture pack from the marketplace.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented custom skins from being applied.
  • A new option has been added in the accessibility settings, which will allow users not to include auto-text in speech if this function is enabled on their platform. This should prevent the screen reader from unexpectedly starting up every time Minecraft restarts by the player.
  • Free skins now again correctly move between devices
  • Fixed the problem with creating various tools that were not in the recipe book
  • We fixed the animation of the mob’s heads in Minecraft for android.
  • Panda animation fixed!
  • Leaves destroyed by explosions no longer leave an invisible block behind.
  • Broken elytra now again have the correct texture.
  • Translucent elements are no longer completely opaque.
  • Fixed a bug that did not allow scrolling chat history.
  • Leashes attached to mobs no longer seem to be floating in the air in Minecraft
  • Boilers now have the correct fill_level data when placed using the / setblock command

And also other minor bugs were fixed and we came a little closer to the release of version 1.13.0.

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