Minecraft (beta version)

Minecraft (beta version)

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Developers are still not ready to present the final version of Minecraft 1.13 due to detected bugs. They tried to eliminate them in the test version of Minecraft for Android. Thanks to this, the installation of a new release on the phone will not be accompanied by crashes and slowdowns. At least, all errors that was previously noticed were corrected.

Minecraft Performance Improvements

A significant part of the edits is aimed at making the game work more quickly and smoothly. In this regard, some important work has been done:

  • Improved performance when using inventory
  • Rendering blocks in the game has become faster
  • Eliminated the error that may have occurred when interacting with the fish
  • Fixed crashes when creating a unique game character in the generator

Major fixes in Minecraft

The following improvements in Minecraft Bedrock are also among the main edits:

  • Bug fixes for updating waterlogged items during an upgrade in the same chunk
  • Fixed animal rides and uses the item that is currently equipped

Fixes for mobs in Minecraft Bedrock

  • End Crystal is again visible on locations
  • Items that are in the fox's mouth will no longer be invisible
  • Reduced fox jump length during an attack from 11 to 5 blocks, as it’s done in the Java version of the game
  • Fixed textures of horses that could disappear from time to time
  • Items that the player holds in his hands are now correctly displayed in a third-person view

Edits of the Character Generator in Minecraft Bedrock

  • Fixes in navigation while using the controller when creating a new character
  • Fixed bugs that interfered with the normal location of body parts
  • Fixed Delete Character screen, now it is without a transparent background

Several commands were also fixed:

  1. The / particle command now works correctly
  2. The command / help does not cause errors during use

It is worth noting that the original version of MCPE was, but after the list of changes was published as soon as possible, several more problems with launching on game consoles were fixed and therefore it was decided to assign the number We hope that very soon everything will be finalized to the final version and it will be possible to download the full, not beta version of Minecraft 1.13 on Android with all the new updates.

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