Minecraft 1.14 (Buzzy Bees)

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Less than a week after Minecon, the developers released a new version of Minecraft 1.14! Yes, Minecraft 1.14.0 for Android is already available as a beta version, which added bees and new blocks associated with them, as well as fixed some errors of previous versions and made other adjustments. Honey update is an unofficial name, but it fully conveys the essence of the new version!
The developers immediately warned of a bug with the visibility of armor on players, it will be fixed in the next version...

Release date: 10.12.2019! 

Bees in Minecraft 1.14

Bees in Minecraft 1.14.0 are peaceful mobs and do not offend them, then they will not offend you. If you still decide to quarrel with the bee, then it will bite you and eventually die, and nothing will fall out of it ... so their killing is useless. Other features of bee mobs:

  • Bees love beautiful flowers from which they collect pollen.
  • After collecting pollen, they return to the nest.
  • Thanks to pollination, bees can increase your harvest!
  • Bees can be raised using flowers.
  • If the bee does not have a hive / nest, then it will fly until it finds a nest that it can use.
  • As you know, bees do not fly in the rain, and in Minecraft the same thing, bees do not like rain and sleep at night.

Beehives and nests

With the advent of bees, places for their habitat appeared, which have their own nuances:

  • Bees nest naturally in the biomes of Flower Forests, Plains and Plains with Flowers.
  • After the bee collects pollen and returns to the nest, the honey level rises!
  • The maximum level of honey is 5.
  • To make a beehive, it is necessary to use honeycomb blocks and wooden boards in MSPE.
  • Using scissors you can get a honeycomb!
  • And to collect honey in Minecraft 1.14 you must use a bottle.
  • To make it easier to collect honey, use smoke from a fire!

Of course, honeycombs and bottles for honey were specially added to collect honey. A decorative honeycomb block has also been added, which can be crafted from honeycombs obtained from bees. And of course, honey blocks were added, a little more about them!

Honey blocks in Minecraft 1.14

Honey blocks became a pleasant surprise and their properties are quite interesting, in addition, they look very beautiful:

  • Honey blocks slow down and reduce the height of the jump, however, they reduce the damage from falling!
  • Using honey blocks, you can slow down falls on the wall (slowly glide over the blocks).
  • When moving the honey block with a piston, other adjacent blocks and upper objects also move.

Bug fixes and other fixes

  • Fixed a problem with the growth of kelp, causing a lag in the chunks.
  • Fixed glass breaking animation on some packages.
  • Wraps are now correctly displayed in the skin selection window.
  • Bugs for getting achievements!
  • Fixed a bug due to which some skins showed a solid white cloak.
  • Fixed loading worlds.
  • Fixed a bug due to which script error messages were displayed in the Alien Worlds Marketplace package
  • Sounds fixed in Minecraft 1.14.0.
  • Fixed a bug with an automatic crossbow shot.
  • The ice walker now correctly freezes water.
  • Arrows and tridents after falling into the shield do not fall underground.
  • Synchronized the radius of attack of the Foxes in accordance with the Java version of Minecraft.
  • Now, if a fox holds an object, then he is not invisible.
  • Corrected the search for the path for flying mobs.

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