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The list of fixes in Minecraft version on Android is quite large, but in general, all of them are aimed at the same goal - release Minecraft 1.14.0! In addition to improving the stability of the game, work was done on the gameplay, mobs, interface, and many other important things.

Fixes in Minecraft

Now the dragon heads will be at the correct height. Also, flickering skins and some graphic errors, such as invisible chests or hands, were fixed. And of course, much more:

  • As we wrote earlier, we fixed the sudden crash of Minecraft.
  • Under a certain state of Honey Block, the game no longer crashes!
  • UI textures now load faster when they join and leave the world.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred after pressing any button during the animation of closing the chat user interface.The background of the main menu (Cube Map) now matches the background in the Java Edition.
  • Bee nests can now appear in more tree species.
  • Fixed a bug due to which some models could not display correctly in Minecraft Character Creator.
  • Fixed a problem that sometimes led to incorrect display of the background of the loading screen when connecting to a multiplayer game with a split screen.
  • Honey Blocks textures are now the same for Java and Bedrock Minecraft versions from
  • Slime block textures are now the same in Minecraft Java and Bedrock.
  • Fixed a bug due to which worn items were suddenly transferred between models of Character Creators.

Gameplay Fixes

  • If you break the hive in creative mode in version, it will no longer reset the block as an object.
  • The recipe for creating cell blocks now matches Minecraft Java and can be created using 4 cells.
  • The cell block now uses the sound of a stone block instead of the sound of mucus.
  • The behavior of mobs when jumping on honey blocks (Honey Blocks) is now the same for everyone in Minecraft
  • Blocks of mucus and blocks with honey no longer stick to each other when interacting through piston mechanics.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes led to inverting touch screen controls.
  • Pick Block now works correctly on bees.
  • Fixed animation of wiggle of held items when viewed from the first person.

Mob fixes in

And of course, there are few fixes for mobs that developers could not ignore in the new version of Minecraft on Android. Well, basically these are bee fixes:

  • Reduced time spent by bees searching for a new hive when it is full.
  • Now bees can be seduced and fed with two tall flowers.
  • Bees will now attack if a player collects honey from the hive at night.
  • If the hive is set on fire, then the bees will fly away from it.
  • The priority of returning home has been changed so that bees are more likely to return home when it rains.
  • Bees can now collect nectar from flowers that have been placed in the Void
  • Bees now hover correctly over flowers, and not next to them
  • If the Bee’s home hive is blocked, it will no longer endlessly hang outside the hive.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the bees could not enter the hives that were not filled.
  • And also Baby Pigmen now hold their swords in their hands, and not around their necks.

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