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Oddly enough, version 1.14 works stably enough, so in Minecraft for Android they did not officially fix the game crashes. But a little tweaked the general points, gameplay and graphics.

The list of fixes in Minecraft

  • Redstone piston mechanics in a wandering merchant package fixed.
  • Players using the vertical split screen can now select Featured Items in Character Creator.
  • When equipping a new custom skin, the player model is now updated without having to restart Minecraft.
  • Players can now apply the Founder’s Cape to their skins.
  • The button "See Pack In Store" in the Character Creator can now be selected and selected when using the controller.
  • Changed horse behavior in accordance with Java Edition when moving through blocks of honey!
  • Players on the Honey Block using Jump Boost II can now jump one full block.
  • The letter “n” in “Bee nest” is now capitalized.

Actually here is such a small list of changes in the new version of Minecraft for Android, but now you can download it! If you find new changes - write in the comments)

Download Minecraft for Android

Download Minecraft for Android [89.94 Mb] (downloads: 29911)

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