Minecraft 1.13.1 (Full version)

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One of the main bugs of the version 1.13.0 was an incorrect teleportation, the portal could transfer the player so that he died. And so a week passed and Minecraft 1.13.1 came out on Android, in which there is a fix for this sad bug! Well, a few other fixes.

Fixes in Minecraft 1.13.1

  • Fixed crashes of Minecraft when joining Realms.
  • Now version will not crash when connected to selected servers.
  • Also fixed crashes when throwing potions.
  • Elytra will no longer be invisible or blocky when using a custom imported skin.
  • Players can now apply the Founder’s Cape for custom (imported) skins.
  • Fixed blocking players when loading skins.
  • Now all chests are always visible in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.
  • Passing through the portals, you will be taken to the right place in the corresponding dimension.
  • Fixed incorrect display of Japanese and Korean characters in the language settings.

That's the whole list of edits, the version is released essentially specifically for fixing a bug with teleportation. So we are waiting for the releaseз Minecraft 1.14.0.

Download Minecraft 1.13.1 for Android

Minecraft 1.13.1 with Xbox Live + skins

Minecraft 1.13.1 with Xbox Live

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    1. NoName
      12 June, в 21:15
      I need McPe 1.13.1 for BlockLauncher but this Version dont work.