Minecraft (Beta version)

Minecraft (Beta version)

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Minecraft version number for Android surprised everyone, but this is a sign that there will be a release 1.14.0 soon! The beta version fixed crashes, the character creator, and a few other bugs and simply ill-conceived moments.

Fixes in Minecraft


  • Fixed a game crash on Xbox One when trying to exit Xbox Live.
  • Fixed crash of Minecraft when switching between Minecraft and Minecraft Club page on Xbox One.
  • Well, they fixed the crash of Minecraft BE when loading the character creator.

Main fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused screen flickering on a split screen when joining an Xbox One world.
  • There will no longer be an error loading Minecraft Music Pack anymore in the Marketplace.
  • Tips on the loading screen now load correctly when using Japanese.

Character creator:

  • When equipping a skin from the Marketplace, the player model is now correctly updated when moving back through the Character Creator.
  • Adding or removing a founder’s cape using the character creator will change the skin without restarting Minecraft!
  • Fixed an issue that prevented adding capes when re-entering Creator.
  • Skins that do not move to Minecraft Earth no longer display “Usable Everywhere” in Character Creator.
  • Optim Creator skin size optimized for better performance when playing on the server.


  • Buckets can be used again for milking cows in MCPE.
  • Milk buckets can again be used to make cakes.
  • Fixed a bug due to which sugarcane broke when a swampy water source is nearby.


  • Bees can't sting twice!

This is the whole list of changes announced in version, if you notice more fixes or innovations, let us know in the comments!

Download Minecraft for Android

Download Minecraft for Android [118.6 Mb] (downloads: 33672)



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