Minecraft 1.16.0 (Nether Update)

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The first released version of Minecraft 1.16 on Android is already available for download at the end of the article, but for now we will talk about the changes that the Nether Update brought. Among other things, already in version biomes of warped forest, crimson forest, Soulsand Valley, Fog of the Nether Biome were added, new blocks and mobs were added!

New Biomes

Minecraft 1.16.0 developers have pleased us with three new biomes:

  1. Soulsand Valley - there is a turquoise fog in the biome, it is inhabited by wanderers of the region, gastes, skeletons and other hostile mobs, it is VERY dangerous here! Huge basalt columns extend to the very top, and ashes fall from the ceiling.
  2. Crimson forest - it is covered by a strange crimson cover decorated with mushrooms and vines hanging from everywhere in a red fog. Here, you can find new mobs added in Minecraft version 1.16: Hoglins, Piglins and Zombified Piglins.
  3. Warped forest - there is dark blue fog in this forest, strange spores are in the air, and the whole forest is covered with mushrooms and a strange coating. By the way, this is the least dangerous place in Hell

New blocks

With new biomes and the updating of Hell in Minecraft PE 1.16, new blocks appeared:

  • Two new non-flammable wood materials have appeared - a crimson and distorted stem.
  • Basalt blocks - you can find them as pillars, but they can be placed in any direction!
  • New blocks of the earth's surface: Crimson Nilium and Distorted Nilium.
  • New Vegetation: Nether Sprouts, Crimson Roots and Distorted Roots
  • Two types of mushrooms: crimson and distorted. To grow them, you can use bone meal!
  • Distorted wart blocks.
  • New Natural Light: Shroomlights
  • Soul Soil Added! If you set fire to the soil of souls, you get a fire of souls that burns in a blue flame and never goes out, and also causes double damage in MCPE. The soil of souls can be used to create torches of souls and soul lanterns!
  • Using bone meal on Netherrack can create Nilium.

A new mechanism has also been added: target! Which reacts to the hit of an arrow or trident. The closer you get to the center, the stronger the redstone signal will be.

Minecraft 1.16 and new mobs

Two new mods have been added: Piglins and Hoglins, as well as Zombie Piglins.


Пиглины в Minecraft 1.16.0

Piglins are neutral-hostile mobs in Minecraft Bedrock Edition and can be found in crimson forests and wastelands. Mobs will attack the players when they meet, but you can dress up and then they will not touch you! Some features of Piglin:

  • Piglins are suspicious of strangers, and if they see that you open a chest or get a piece of gold, they will think that you are stealing and will treat you accordingly.
  • Pigs love gold and are very distracted by gold items.
  • Gold bullion is the currency for pigs, and you can drop the bullion in them or right-click on them to exchange various goods.
  • Piglins need food, because when they are hungry, they prey on hoglins.
  • Pigs prefer to hunt and fight in groups!
  • Piglins that somehow fall into the netherworld quickly turn into zombies.
  • Piglin cubs are practically not dangerous.

Zombie Pigmen are now converted to zombie Piglins.


Хоглины в Майнкрафт 1.16.0 Hoglins are large, aggressive, almost pigs that live in crimson forests in the lower world. As soon as you appear in their field of vision, they will try to attack, so be careful! A bit about hoglins:

  • In Minecraft, you can breed hoglins by feeding them with purple mushrooms.
  • Piglins sometimes hunt hoglins, but they don’t give up without a fight!
  • Small hoglins behave aggressively, but at the same time they are harmless.
  • Hoglins hate the smell of distorted mushrooms.

Netherit - a new high-strength material

With the help of new material in minecraft for android, you can update your diamond equipment! To get some neri, you need 4 gold bullion and 4 neri nugget, you can also find it in the mines of ancient ruins or in the lower parts of the Void. Important differences of nezerite:

  • Netherit floats in lava!
  • Its value is higher than that of diamond, but lower than that of gold.
  • Nether tools are much cooler than diamond tools.
  • Non-mercury weapons do more damage than diamond!
  • Netherite armor will increase your defense, and you will also be immune to knockback!

Fixes and changes

In addition to the innovations listed above, Minecraft announced a huge list of changes in almost every aspect of the game. We tried to highlight the main ones.

Version parity

  • The Ender Dragon fireball no longer deals excessive damage.
  • All mobs (including player) will no longer drown in lava. This means that a water breath potion is no longer required for lava swimming!
  • Passive mobs will now only appear on the blocks they should.
  • Enchanted skulls will now have a glow effect in the hand and in inventory.
  • Flowers can now be removed from flowerpots.
  • Iron bars will be displayed in the same way as in Minecraft Java Edition when they are in hands and in inventory.
  • Now the player can jump out of the water while swimming, regardless of the viewing angle.
  • Particle color for Bad Omen is now dark green.
  • Cocoa pods will now break in water.
  • Damaged bows can now be used to make dispensers.

Also for the mobs, the despevna rules have been changed to bring them into line with the Java version.


Corrected the sound during the flight with elytra at high speeds. Perhaps there are other fixes of sounds, but we don’t know about them yet ...


  • Improved the convenience of the controller.
    Improved control in the water, added the ability to swim down.


  • There was a fix increasing and decreasing the popularity of players in the villages.
  • Increased the rate of appearance of golems and changed the rules for their appearance:
    • At least 75% of the villagers had to work on the last day.
    • A minimum of 20 beds, and each resident must have a bed.
    • Only 1 golem will appear for every 10 inhabitants.
  • Cured zombie residents as well as nearby residents offer discounted deals.
  • Zombie residents will no longer be able to break iron doors.
  • Villagers no longer run around the house during raids.
  • The raid boss panel now reappears when you return to the raid from another dimension.


Added the curse of binding and fading since the new version of Minecraft 1.16.

Bugs and lags

  • When using the “/ kill” command during the rebirth of the dragon, the game will no longer crash.

Game process

  • The scale of the probability of receiving drops is rebuilt in the counter of the number of received drops.
  • Mobs can now be dropped by lava flows.
  • When loading funnels are destroyed by a ranged attack, they will throw off funnel objects.
  • Placing a block opposite the interactive block during bending no longer opens the user interface.
  • The use of loading funnels opens the screen of these funnels. In this case, the opening of other screens will be available.
  • If the portal to Minecraft 1.16.0 is a spawn site, then players in the air will have the opportunity to return to the upper world.
  • When automatically creating dispensers, enchanted bows are no longer used.
  • Swimming with tortoise shell gave wrong breathing opportunities.
  • Dynamite no longer duplicates itself when ignited by another dynamite.
  • The console command "/ locate" could not find a nearby object
  • Teleporting from the world through incomplete blocks led to the appearance of a player on the other side of the block. The bug is fixed.
  • Now the sound of breaking instruments works correctly.
  • Now the flight state in the creative mode Minecraft Bedrock on android is not removed after connecting to world settings.
  • After swimming through a column of bubbles, the player no longer floats in the air.
  • When destroying a coral or fan coral enchanted by touching a silk with a shovel or ax, the player will receive these corals as a drop.
  • The snow lying on the lava cube will melt.
  • If a player kills a mob under the influence of a slow potion, he gets a few xp as a drop.
  • Now the drawer can be washed from the paint in the boiler.
  • Boats located on torches, rails and other objects do not get stuck on them.
  • Boats can no longer slide along the bottom of the slab.
  • When a fire is made by fireballs, their number will decrease.
  • Kelp growth does not stop even if the height is too low.
  • Spell tables no longer display options if there is no attached spell.
  • The movement of the float during fishing has been changed.
  • Chunks no longer generate massive amounts of snow.


  • Mobs in MCPE 1.16.0 can now pick up fallen tools and items of armor from a player.
  • Tamed horses no longer like food that does not contribute to their breeding.
  • The mobs had too long aiming at the target. For example, when hunting a wolf for sheep.
  • Edge Wanderer will be able to take the newly added blocks of the Lower World.
  • The Wanderer of the Land cannot take nezerith.
  • Squid spawn frequency increased.
  • Before starting the attack, the iron golems first reach their target.
  • Horse jumping animation now works correctly.
  • The polar bear no longer runs after the player on two hind legs, as it was in Minecraft 1.15.
  • Sheep can no longer eat grass through blocks of particles.
  • An error occurred, as a result of which the Edge Wanderer looked at the player, but did not attack him. Fixed.
  • Mobs no longer shake when entering a trolley.
  • Fish will no longer spawn at the site of the river.


  • Now, when laying wall blocks vertically in Minecraft 1.16, the gaps do not remain.
  • Hatch hitboxes were wrong.
  • Paintings can no longer be placed on top of a frame element.
  • Cactus blocks break if they are located next to the lava.
  • Flowers growing in the snow, when destroyed, give the right objects.
  • Blocks that have fallen on glass or ice no longer break.
  • Blocks that fall onto a particle block placed on top of the piston will break.
  • Even if the mycelium does not have enough light, it will not turn into dirt.

User interface

  • The position of the guidance text in the inventory is adjusted in order to comply with the input mode.
  • When hovering scissors on a pumpkin, a prompt appears to cut it.
  • On all Minecraft 1.16 platforms, the tooltip for getting out of the boat is now the same.
  • Added growth hint when pointing bone meal to compatible blocks.
  • Touch control keyboard no longer randomly opens when using a book.


  • Fire is now correctly reflected on the stoves.
  • Particles of the Eye of the Edge have become the same as in the Java version.

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